Todd Linsley is a Screenwriter, Award Winning Film Producer, & Speaker. He directed the 40's period comedy & festival award winning film "The Pugilist". His clients have included MTV Productions, Saban Entertainment, Walt Disney Pictures, TVA, JMS Video Universal, KTLA, Touchstone (us), Comedy Central, & Tandem Motion Pictures. is the home of Todd Linsley online; a place where he shares his adventures in Stand-Up Comedy, Improv, Musical Theater, Screenwriting, & Storytelling.

Todd is a noted story consultant and public speaker. He spends much of his time teaching classes for the Story Logic Workshop and lectures on Film Structure, Animation & Ethics at universities and schools throughout the United States. If you would like more information on his lecture series or the Story Logic Workshop contact them Here. has rated my online reputation as very good. You will find me on the front page of when ever you are searching for me. 


Here are some things people have said about working with Todd Linsley

Todd Linsley is a phenomenal entertainer. He is extremely talented as well as very funny! His interaction with the audience brought many laughs and was the perfect Show. People are still talking about his show, all I can say is WOW! Working with Todd was a breeze. He is extremely accommodating, professional, prompt and a pleasure to deal with. I would highly rate Todd —a 10 out of 10—and would recommend him for any family friendly/all ages event. We definitely plan to have Todd back to our club as a comedian/host/emcee. His act was exactly what we were looking for! Thanks, Todd!

Janice Lippert, Comedy Club Booker

I was initially impressed with Todd's enthusiasm, communication skills and professional demeanor when I hired him as our Host for our Corporate retreat . During the week he consistently demonstrated all of the qualities that allowed me to know the events would stay on message and feel very organized, and I heartily endorse him. Todd is reliable, dedicated and eternally upbeat. His ability to stay calm while experiencing technical difficulties with the venue's audio/video equipment which frustrated many of the hotel's staff was  unparalleled, and it is because of his excellence in improvisational problem solving and making the whole crowd feel like it was part of the show that I particularly found him phenomenal. Todd really IS funny!

Tammi C. Allsep, Corporate Booker

Todd is one of my favorite people on the planet. His skill, wit and sensitivity are the reason that fine artists want to collaborate with him. My experience with Todd in film, commercial work and television- from rehearsal to production to post- has been some of my favorite work in the last few years. I look forward to many more years working with him... On second thought, I won't recommend him to you. MINE!

Christopher Robin Miller, Actor/Producer

Todd is a power house. On every project we have worked on together he has promised big and delivered bigger. In production he is constantly solving problems and plussing every creative decision because he has thoroughly researched the project from every angle and knows how to get it done. He has the kind of authority and incite that you hope for in a director and producer to make things run smoothly, without the ego. He knows how to work under high pressure situations, but always keeps a cool head, and manages to inspire everyone he works with to give their best. Whenever I am working on a new project I instantly try to find a place for Todd on the team. He always seems to make the quality of each production higher and get the job done more effectively than most other PAs, producers, grips, or directors. He is also the kind of person that execs tend to delegate a lot of responsibility to make them look good. I have seen him in rolls ranging from PA, to director to producer. In every situation he performed professionally and always seemed to have more skills than the job required. I would feel comfortable recommending him for any job he is interested in.

Adam Skelter, Producer/Award Winning Screenwriter

Todd is deeply interested in people, society, relationships and ideas. He is creative and original in perceiving situations and in expressing ideas. He is able to take a stand and persuade people to move towards the creative vision. He is able to work in a team and get the team to work together. He works great with diverse people, often under high stress or even emotional situations. He is open to handling unpredictable, last minute situations that could be location or schedule-specific. Risk taking and untiring over long hours of rehearsals and shoots with unpredictable schedules. Todd is very knowledgeable about all technical aspects of film making including camera, editing, lights, sounds, make up and acting

Lindsey Krey-Smith, Producer

Todd has a vast and deep understanding of film making from both the business side as well as the artistic side. His expertise and excitement have proven to be invaluable in working with crew, talent, and most importantly clients. His vast talents and expertise stem into producing, directing, and script writing. Going into any project big or small Todd can bring the peace of mind for a project well done.

Scott Wilson, Cinematographer/Producer

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